Maddow Consoles Herself Over Trump’s Poll Numbers by Petting a Dog On Air

maddowRachel Maddow started her show tonight by reviewing the past few months of Donald Trump‘s rise in the polls. She continued to express her amazement at how nothing Trump says hurts him in the polls, and predicted that his comments about Hillary Clinton getting “schlonged” wouldn’t hurt him one bit.

She said, “This year, what we have learned to expect is that these most recent comments this week will probably push his numbers even higher.”

And then she seriously, actually had someone bring out a cute little dog named Henry so she could pet it for comfort.

Maddow explained, “It is nice to have a dog around when it turns out that the rules don’t make sense anymore, when… being crude to the point where other people are afraid to quote you, when that helps you run for president, it is nice to have a four-legged friend who doesn’t really have words.”

Maddow has previously posited that Trump may be deliberately committing campaign suicide, and honestly it’s still a possibility.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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