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Maddow Directs Message to Trump on Coronavirus Response: Most Important Thing You Can Do Is ‘Put Somebody in Charge’

Rachel Maddow made a direct appeal to President Donald Trump on her show Friday night, saying he needs to “put someone in charge” right away.

Maddow said it’s easy to focus on Trump’s lies and “terribly ignorant and dangerous” public comments, but people should “ignore what he says” and “look at what he has done.”

She brought up the lack of a national stay-at-home order, “no real use of the Defense Production Act,” and continued testing issues across the country to criticize “the feckless nothingness” of the U.S. response.

“Having some stay-at-home orders in some places and some states and having it still be ‘do whatever you want’ in other states is insane. It was insane from the beginning, it’s absolutely insane this far into it,” Maddow said. “Why is that alone not just fixed tonight? It would take ten words at the podium, it could save thousands of lives.”

She drew comparisons to the government response to Hurricane Katrina before speaking directly to the president:

“Mr. President, there are things that only you can do here. But the most important thing that you can do is put somebody in charge. You know, you’ll love it, because whoever you pick, you can blame that person at the end when there are still 100,000 or 200,000 dead Americans piled up in the nation’s funeral homes and crematoriums and cemeteries. Pick somebody you’re looking forward to scapegoating and blaming and saying that it was all their fault from the beginning. I think we could take that as a country, if putting somebody in charge, who is actually in charge, might also mean we’ll keep the numbers that low. Because as long as we don’t have a federal response that is being run by anyone, there’s no guarantee that the numbers will stay within that massive range that you’re talking about. The sky is the limit in terms of what it can be.”

“You’re going to need to well and truly let an experienced operations manager take the lead and fix this now. It is too late already, but now is better than never. Now is better than next week. Yesterday would have been better than today. But we’ll take what we can get. We can’t call it too late. We have to believe that we can still course-correct to save some lives. Just do it already. Whatever you need to tell yourself to do it, just do it.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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