Maddow Goes After GOP’s ‘Cockamamie Backwards’ Justification For Debt Ceiling Delay


Rachel Maddow took on the Republicans’ decision to temporarily raise debt ceiling, delaying the coming fight for another few months, by looking deeper into spending under President Obama.

Maddow presented a handy graph that shows how government spending increased significantly under President George W. Bush, went up slightly less under President Bill Clinton but has actually gone down under President Obama.

Yet, as she showed through video clips of House Speaker John Boehner and other Congressional Republicans, Obama’s “out of control” spending is what the GOP is using as justification for their opposition to raising the debt ceiling in any long-term or permanent way. As Maddow explained:

“These guys were not mad about George W. Bush’s big spike in spending, but they have decided to get really mad at the guy who is fixing that, and that anger is weird enough on its own terms. It’s weird enough that this Republican analysis of this problem is so divorced from reality. But what today’s news reminded us of is it’s not just the analysis that is weird, it’s also the purpose of the analysis, what they are using this cockamamie backwards analysis to justify that is really deeply strange.”

Maddow went on to note that Congress has been raising the debt ceiling for decades and only under President Obama have Republicans in Congress decided they had had enough. The host pulled out one graph, this one showing how job growth was suppressed during the debt ceiling fight in 2011.

“Today, the House passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling,” Maddow said, “but they want to have us hit it again in a few months.” She warned against the economic turmoil that could hit the country if Congress continues to delay a real fix for the debt ceiling crisis, “because, remember, Obama’s a big spender.”

Watch video below, via MSNBC:

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