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Maddow: GOP ‘Tearing Each Other Apart Like They’re a Bag of Blindfolded, Hungry Weasels’

Rachel Maddow was struck by the timing and the intensity of the Republican proxy war over Obamacare defunding, including the oddity of top Republicans sending opposition research on Ted Cruz to Fox News, of all places. She said that this time, the GOP’s “shut-down-the-government adventure” is really amping up the intra-party fighting to 11, with Republicans “tearing each other apart like they’re a bag of blindfolded, hungry weasels who someone dosed with PCP.

Maddow broke down how Cruz and his team in Congress have been saying for months that “you are only a real Republican, only a real conservative, if you are willing to go! all! the! way! to burn Washington down until you get your way.”

She wondered if the country is at risk of becoming “collateral damage” for a Republican proxy war. Republican Nicolle Wallace said the whole idea of defunding Obamacare is a “mirage” promised to the base by Cruz, admitting she’s rather bored with him at this point.

Maddow and Wallace agreed that to a certain extent, the fight is about who is the true conservative here, with Wallace noting how people like Cruz “enjoy being vilified by the left” so they can turn around and become right-wing heroes.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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