Maddow Hits ‘Inane’ Discussion Over ‘Terror’ Label: Obama’s Remarks ‘Benchmark’ For American Response

During her 9 p.m. slot tonight, Rachel Maddow continued MSNBC’s coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing, recapping the facts of the attack and speaking to guests about reaction and updates on the situation. In between interviews, the host made a quick note about the discussion that’s arisen about using the term “act of terror” to describe the attack — which President Obama did not use in his response. Maddow deemed the debate “inane.”

In his remarks, Obama said those responsible will see the “full weight of justice” — and a senior White House official later characterized the attack as terrorism.

“Much, frankly, inane political discussion today about whether or not everybody is using the right nouns and verbs in talking about this when it comes down to multiple explosives targeting civilian populations in an American city,” Maddow asserted. “Whether or not you use the politically correct terminology at this point, seems to me, beside the point.”

Obama’s remarks following the attack, she added, “will be marked as a benchmark in terms of the American response.”

Earlier tonight, over at Fox News, Bill O’Reilly said it was Obama’s “one mistake” to deem the attack a tragedy.

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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