Maddow: Hypocritical SCOTUS Has Buffer Zone, Doesn’t Think Abortion Clinics Need

Rachel Maddow opened her show last night by highlighting instances of angry confrontation, and even violence, by pro-life advocates outside abortion clinics to rail against the Supreme Court decision striking down the “buffer zone” for protestors. And Maddow found it wildly hypocritical that the Supreme Court itself actually has a buffer zone.

Maddow pointed out that the Supreme Court has made sure it has a wide space around the building where protestors cannot show up so that they can’t, say, directly harass justices or other federal employees as they enter and exit the building. “Must be nice,” she said.

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She pointed to a number of Supreme Court decisions where the concept of a “buffer zone” has been upheld, with respect to polling places and military funerals. (The latter ruling being decided after objections to the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.) Maddow declared, “From inside its own protective buffer zone, the Supreme Court issued its majority ruling striking down the one outside abortion clinics.”

And given all the horrible history of violence and intimidation outside abortion clinics, Maddow found it bewildering that the Supreme Court decision read that pro-life protestors just “wish to converse” with people.

You can watch the full 20-minute segment here (Maddow’s comments on the Supreme Court specifically start around the 14-minute mark), via MSNBC:

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