Maddow Is Baffled by America’s ‘Creepy’ Relationship with Saudi Arabia

David Letterman’s frequent political explainer Rachel Maddow returns the Late Show Wednesday night and in this preview clip, the MSNBC host breaks down the United States’ strange relationship with Saudi Arabia.

“They know we don’t like them and we know they don’t like us, but we pretend we’re best buddies, right?” Letterman asked his guest.

Maddow agreed, saying the “pretending is with an exclamation point.” After King Abdullah died last week, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and a parade of other U.S. officials made the trip to that country to pay their respects, something that likely would not happen for many other ally nations. “The list of people that they sent — it’s amazing that we weren’t there,” she told Letterman.

Letterman noted that Obama did not attend the march in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks but did choose to visit Saudi Arabia after the 90-year-old king passed away.

“The day before that happened,” she said of the funeral, “Saudi Arabia beheaded someone in ‘Chop Chop Square.’ It’s illegal for women to drive… And we never bring up these things because we have this creepy, totally dependent relationship with them that we just agree to not discuss.”

Watch video below, via CBS:

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