Maddow: It’s Not a ‘Sci-Fi Dystopian Thing,’ Americans Are Dying Because of Inept Government

At the beginning of her program this evening, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow spent more than 20 minutes breaking down how she believes the United States is facing two existential crises which are completely of the country’s own doing. And she expressed concern that many Americans are dying already due to one of them.

After highlighting a number of recent reports detailing the dysfunction in the White House and how President Donald Trump has grown increasingly angry with members of his administration (leading former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon to predict that Trump only has a 30% chance of finishing his term), Maddow then related these stories to real-life issues.

“Problem is not a shortage of resources, people’s willingness to help, first responders or size of the crisis,” she said in relation to Puerto Rico. “Problem is who is in charge? Who is running this ongoing catastrophe that is the failed response that followed the natural disaster? As of today, there is a rumor we may eventually get somebody put in charge of the agency that oversees FEMA, maybe because of continuing chaos in the White House.”

She went on to mention the California wildfires which have killed at least 21 people and destroyed thousands of homes, highlighting that rather than focus on that crisis, the president instead spent the day threatening to revoke NBC News’ license over a news story he didn’t like.

The story? That Trump wanted to increase America’s nuclear capability by tenfold.

Maddow ended the segment by making this observation:

“There are a couple of different kinds of existential threats to the citizens of a country that has unstable or incoherent or corrupted leadership. One of them is one you think about most often in advance when it’s hypothetical. Imagine the leader create a new disaster for the country like starting war or launching a nuke on purpose or not, or trying to dismantle other branches of government. That’s one potential existential crisis for a country with leadership problem. Imagine creating new disaster out of whole cloth.

Another great existential risk is not a hypothetical thing to worry about but something that’s happening to some scale right now. It’s already killing Americans. And that’s not some sci-fi dystopian thing, it’s risk, inevitability that stuff will happen, crises will arise in more or less normal course of events. Disaster, have a terrible hurricane season. When that happens won’t have basic governing organizational capacity to deal with it. Not a sci-fi hypothetical dystopian risk, that is what we’re living through right now. What Americans are dying because of right now in Puerto Rico.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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