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Rachel Maddow Rails Against ‘Satire’ Of Romney’s ‘Zillionaires’ Fundraisers In Hamptons

On her show Monday night, Rachel Maddow took aim at Mitt Romney‘s fundraiser in the Hamptons. Noting “cartoonish” remarks made by some of the attendees, Maddow concluded the whole ordeal simply must be satire. It was so bad, she said, that she could hardly believe it was all self-inflicted.

Pointing to the critics who argue that Republicans are wealthy and out of touch, Maddow said the Romney campaign is doing everything possible to live up to the “caricature” of themselves. Maddow then highlighted quotes from the New York Times report, including a woman who reportedly asked if there was a VIP entrance because, well, she was VIP.

She then mentioned a quote from Romney reporters said they overheard, in which he told donors that their presence at the fundraiser indicated that, “by and large, you’re doing just fine.” Maddow incredulously asked, by and large? — sarcastically quipping, “Presumably some of them are really struggling.”

So, she asked, what is Romney doing tonight? “Another zillionaires fundraiser” in Aspen.

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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