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Maddow Takes on GOP ‘Kooks’: Not Just Fringe, They’re Mainstream Now

Rachel Maddow ended her show Monday night tackling the “kooks” in the Republican party that don’t just exist on the fringes, but are evident in mainstream Republican circles. She ran the gamut from a New Jersey Senate candidate in hot water for a racially-charged tweet to congressional Republicans seriously touting Muslim terrorists disguising as Hispanics and sneaking into the U.S. over the border.

Maddow showed viewers who the Oregon Republican party just made its new state chairman, particularly with a clip of said individual on her show a few years ago denying he said thinks she was reading directly from his newsletter. But aside from people on the fringes, Maddow showed how more prominent conservatives like Donald Trump and Steve King are still out there saying some eyebrow-raising stuff.

She concluded, “They should start tying a bell around these guys or something so we can tell when they’re coming.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:


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Image via MSNBC

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