Maddow Tells Fallon Why Trump Will ‘Never Have More Power’ than He Does Right Now

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From time to time, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow stops by the Tonight Show to make cocktails and teach Jimmy Fallon about politics. Last night, their discussion was all about Donald Trump.

Maddow described her everyday job as painting houses with a nail polish brush. But since Trump entered the race, she said it’s like God came down and said, “You get a power-sprayer, do a few houses today.” Fallon, whose best material in recent months has also been about Trump, agreed. “Really, it’s a blessing for us — I don’t know about the country,” Maddow added.

As for how long this whole circus can really continue, Maddow said Trump is a “genius” for keeping open the possibility of a third party run, because that’s where he gets all of his leverage.

If he doesn’t run as an Independent, which would surely deliver the presidency to the Democrats, then the Republicans “owe him for ever.” And if he does, “Hillary Clinton becomes president and she owes him forever.”

“So, right now, he will never have more power than he does right now,” Maddow concluded. “Because either way this goes, whether he runs as an Independent or he doesn’t, half of the country’s political infrastructure is going to own him for the rest of their lives.”

Watch video below, via NBC:

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