Maddow Uses Daily Show Segments to Bash GOP for Abandoning All Pretense of Outreach

Rachel Maddow is a big fan of The Daily Show (even if she disagrees with Jon Stewart from time to time), and on Thursday night she was absolutely floored at how one of the comedy show’s correspondent bits got a local Republican official fired, using it as an opportunity to take on the GOP’s outreach problem.

Maddow showcased other great Daily Show correspondent bits before showing the full segment from Wednesday night, in which Aasif Mandvi got a local North Carolina Republican official to open up about what he really thinks of black people.

That interview got Don Yelton fired, but he did not subsequently take back any of what he said. This gave the North Carolina Republicans an awkward week, to say the least, given their focus this week on minority outreach.

Maddow reminded viewers that the whole point of the GOP “autopsy” was to say the party needs to cool down the rhetoric and expand the base, and embracing immigration reform was one of them. But, as Maddow pointed out, the party hasn’t exactly embraced the renewed focus on immigration reform.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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