Maddow: Why Would Trump Stop the Personal Attacks When He Sees Them as ‘Cost-Free’?

Rachel Maddow tonight said that there’s no way President Trump stops tweeting out “repugnant” personal sentiments that offend people, because as far as he concerned it’s consequence-free for him.

Even though tweets like his attacks on Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski hurt the presidency, Maddow said, Trump does not care because his ability to set off the “nuclear version of a conventional political tactic” has been so wildly successful for him.

She said that by being willing to go further than other politicians, Trump is successfully able to suck everyone up into the vortex of the latest offensive thing he’s said:

“When the ability to shock and offend––and now that he’s president, to harm the presidency and harm the country in the process––is something that he takes as cost-free to him, we should expect him to do more of it.”

Maddow pointed to big stories that Trump’s tweeting has distracted from, including that bombshell Wall Street Journal report about a Republican operative who allegedly attempted to get Hillary Clinton‘s emails from hackers and touted a connection to Michael Flynn.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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