Madeleine Albright: Herman Cain Didn’t Seek My Foreign Policy Advice, ‘I’m The Wrong Gender’

Joe Scarborough questioned Madeleine Albright about Republican frontrunner Herman Cain‘s meeting with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, on Friday’s edition of Morning Joe and wondered if she got to meet him as well. “Did you talk to Herman? And if so — what did you say?” asked Scarborough. “Yeah! How’d that meeting go?” interjected cohost Mika Brzezinski. “Well, he didn’t call me,” jabbed Albright. “I’m the wrong gender.”

Albright’s zinger cracked up the two morning anchors. “Okay!” exclaimed Scarborough. “May have been safer for you.”

Scarborough reclaimed his composure and asked the former Secretary of State what advice she would give the former Godfather Pizza CEO if he came her and asked what the greatest challenge facing America. “Other than my lack of experience and knowledge in foreign policy?” he taunted.

“I think the greatest challenges are our economy and our deficit,” Albright explained. “I think it is a national security issue as has been testified to by the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and everybody, and I think that is the biggest problem. But in addition to that, it’s the fact that we are linked and interdependent with everybody…clearly we’re interdependent. So when our deficit is a real problem, so is everybody else’s and i’ve been traveling a lot — surprise — and basically a lot of people will say it’s your fault. It’s your fault what’s gone on. So we have to deal with that.”

Watch Albright poke Herman Cain below via MSNBC:

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