Madeline Albright Rips Trump’s ‘Only One That Matters’ Boast: ‘Insult’ to American Diplomats


Madeleine Albright went after Donald Trump today when she blasted his approach to foreign policy in the middle of the president’s diplomacy tour.

The former secretary of state spoke to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, who asked her to respond to how Trump spoke more positively about China last night than he ever was during the 2016 election. Albright said Trump is going overboard with his attempts to flatter the Chinese leadership, and it was troubling since Trump has already spent so much time talking about how America is weak and easily taken advantage of.

As the two of them discussed Trump’s efforts to deal with issues like international trade and North Korea, Camerota brought up how multiple job vacancies within the State Department have led to a leadership depletion in multiple foreign policy arenas. Albright said the situation is “appalling” and an “insult” to the country’s diplomats who lay the groundwork of foreign statesmanship.

From there, Camerota brought up Trump’s recent interview where he said the State Department’s vacancies were unimportant because “I am the only one that matters.” Albright said that attitude is “dangerous” since Trump needs diplomats who can establish a connection with the countries he is currently negotiating with.

“He is not the center of everything that happens,” Albright said. “I am appalled at the way this is being presented and the way the president talks about himself and those who are trying to help him.

Watch above, via CNN.

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