Maggie Haberman: Jared Kushner Is Effectively Running the White House

NY Times reporter and CNN contributor Maggie Haberman appeared on New Day Wednesday morning and explained comments she had previously made that Jared Kushner is effectively the White House Cheif of Staff.

Haberman is a well-source and respected White House reporter and so her insight into the “palace intrigue” surrounding¬†President Donald Trump, his Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and the president’s son-in-law Kushner is notable.

Host John Berman teed Haberman up by asking his guest “over the last two days I understand you have heard from sources as to whom they think is running the White House as the de facto chief of staff. Who is that?”

Haberman replied simply “that would be one relative, Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law.”

She then clarified¬†“What you will hear from people around Jared Kushner is ‘that’s silly, he’s got his own discrete pieces of work,’ and those things are¬† true, but as it was true during the campaign whoever was in charge especially in the later stages of the general election campaign, Jared Kushner was behind the scenes managing most of it, taking credit when things went well and distancing himself when they didn’t.”

She then went on to dismiss the impact of the newly named Acting Chief of Staff (who recently replaced John Kelly), saying “Mick Mulvaney is not seen as a strong Chief of Staff because he’s not providing a buffer between the staff and the president.”

“Jared Kushner has been rising internally,” she said, adding “We have seen him part of the negotiations on the hill though he doesn’t really have a ton of relationships beyond his work on criminal justice reform. He is feeling ascendant.”

Watch above via CNN.

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