Maggie Haberman: Senate GOP ‘Actively Angry’ Over Sessions Treatment, Don’t Fear Trump


The failure of the Senate Heath Care “Skinny Repeal” Bill last night may very well have grave political repercussions for both Capital Hill Republicans and President Donald Trump considering how vocal they have both been in their plans to repeal and replace Obamacare.  On CNN’s New Day this morning, NY Times reporter and CNN Contributor Maggie Haberman provided a pithy assessment on the current political impact that we though was worth sharing.

Before assessing how last night’s failed vote impacts the GOP, Haberman first assailed the Democrats for their “inability to move forward, figure out their own agenda and figure out a way to capitalize on what has been several Republican stumbles.” But she then added that, in her esteem, the Dems were likely taking their cues from an increasingly deteriorative relationship between Capital Hill Republicans and the White House. 

You’re seeing a group of Senate Republicans who not only don’t really fear the president, but are actively angry at him,” adding  that this GOP group  “have gotten actively angry in large measure over the treatment of Jeff Sessions.” A split between Republicans and Trump is a very dangerous game for both — which is something we’ve notice play out on Fox News — especially with mid-terms just over a year a way and  President with record low approval ratings  just six months into his term.

Democrats can be charitably described by employing a bit of “political jujitsu” by staying out of the fray and letting the looming battles between Trump and the GOP establishment hurt both. But a more realistic description might be of a party in turmoil without clear leadership. But if the relationship between the GOP establishment and Trump continues to become more poisonous, the Democrats position may not even matter.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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