Maggie Haberman Says Trump Disconnected From Own Officials: He ‘Does Not Want a Conflict With Iran’

New York Times White House reporter, and CNN contributor, Maggie Haberman shared insights on the current conflict between the United States and Iran Thursday morning, and how the conflicted foreign policy approaches between President Donald Trump and his top administration officials may impact how this particular story may unfold.

Amidst rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran in the Strait of Hormuz, reports have come from Tehran that Iranian military shot down an American drone, which has raised all sorts of question about just where this conflict is going, and if it will lead to what some see as an inevitable war.

When asked how she thinks President Trump will respond to a provocation like this, Haberman first noted Trump’s comment to Sean Hannity Wednesday night, in which he aggressively tapped down any concern by saying to the Fox News host, “Don’t worry about a thing.”

She then pivoted to what she is most focused on, saying, “I’m more interested in what senior officials in the administration say, I’m curious about what John Bolton says.” She then noted that there is daylight between Trump and Bolton on this issue, adding, “There has been a disconnect between what they say and what the U.S. is doing in terms of sending troops and what the president is saying.”

She finished with, “The president, we know, does not want a conflict with Iran.”

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