Maggie Haberman: Trump Was ‘Hugely Disrespectful’ to Denmark, But Didn’t Cancel Trip Over Greenland


New York Times reporter and CNN Contributor Maggie Haberman appeared on New Day Wednesday morning and revealed that her reporting suggests that President Donald Trump’s canceled diplomatic trip to Denmark wasn’t really about Greenland not being on the market, despite a presidential tweet which tells a different story.

Over the past few days, word leaked from unnamed White House staffers that President Trump has repeatedly expressed interest in the United States purchasing the Arctic landmass owned by the Scandinavian nation and had even assigned staffers to look into its purchase.

After the Danish Prime Minister revealed in an interview that Greenland was not, in fact, on the market, Trump tweeted that he was postponing his diplomatic trip:

While this endeavor was largely mocked (by those who love to mock), the United States has twice before looked at this acquisition (as recently as the Truman administration) and as Haberman stated on the New Day set, “The reality is it’s not new for the U.S. To look at whether they can make the land acquisition.” She also offered that “it’s his staff mocking him and that sets the tone” for how this story gets told.

But while Trump was broadly ridiculed for the Onionesque headline ‘Trump Cancels Trip to Denmark Upon Learning that Greenland is not for Sale” that emerged, Haberman revealed to co-anchors Alisyn Camerota and John Berman that her reporting tells another story, saying “I don’t know what the actual reason that he doesn’t want to go, but this is a tactic” that White House staffers have seized on.

After Camerota offered that maybe Trump just didn’t want to go, wanted to “sleep in his own bed,” Haberman appeared to concur, noting that there’s also been a change of leadership in Denmark since this the trip was announced.

She then turned a critical eye towards the way this was handled, saying “regardless of why it is he doesn’t want to do it, the way he did this is hugely disrespectful to a NATO ally. This is not how you handle diplomatic relations. You don’t do it by tweet after there have been weeks of preparations. You don’t do it necessarily the same day that you suggested Russia should be admitted into the G7.”

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