Magic Johnson Responds to Sterling’s ‘Disgusting’ and ‘Sad’ Insults

Magic Johnson sat down with Anderson Cooper Tuesday for a wide-ranging interview on Donald Sterling‘s controversial comments on race and Johnson himself, from Johnson’s medical history to his charitable works for impoverished communities. Johnson said Sterling “doesn’t know what he’s talking about” and did not have any of the facts on his side in making those assertions.

Johnson said that he’s been helping people for years, especially people with HIV and AIDS. Johnson doesn’t like to “publicize everything I do,” and so he was bothered by Sterling’s assertion he does nothing for people.

And Johnson was particularly bothered by Sterling saying that he doesn’t do enough for black people, as opposed to Jews who, according to Sterling, “will help their people” when they succeed. Johnson called those remarks “disturbing” and “sad,” arguing that he and other influential African-Americans do plenty to help their own.

Watch Johnson’s comments below, via CNN:

And part two:

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