Maher Compares Bridgegate to Watergate: At Least Nixon Didn’t Use People as ‘Hostage Shields’

Bill Maher joined Chris Matthews Tuesday night to tackle “BridgeGate,” and brought up Watergate so argue that at least when Richard Nixon took vengeance on his political opponents, he didn’t “purposely inflict pain” or “use the people of America as hostage shields.” He said that no one will ever find the “smoking ham to attribute to Chris Christie directly” because “that’s not how thugs work.”

But despite the mixed feelings many Republicans have about Christie, Maher said this scandal won’t hurt Christie’s 2016 chance, because Republicans “are always looking for a bully.”

Matthews jumped in to ask if states like Iowa will really embrace Christie’s style. Maher insisted that BridgeGate is like Miley Cyrus twerking; instead of hurting her career, it just “made her a bigger star.” Especially considering all the media coverage Christie’s been getting recently, especially with networks’ live coverage of a State of the State speech, which never happens.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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