Maher Confronts Clay Aiken Following Their ‘Beef’: Why Did You Run from Obama?

Several times last year, Bill Maher went after Clay Aiken (yes, that Clay Aiken) when he was running for Congress as a Democrat and said him and other Democrats running from President Obama is ridiculous.

Well, tonight Maher had Aiken on his show and didn’t take too long to address their “beef.” Maher admitted some of his jokes were a bit rough, but told Aiken he was just frustrated at how he and other Democrats refused to stand with Obama, ran from him, and never bothered to tout his record.

Aiken said he didn’t want to be a party politician, but another big factor was how “the Republican Party does a good job of demonizing someone” and he, as a political novice running for office for the first time, he wasn’t well-positioned to “necessarily change people’s minds.”

Watch the video below, via HBO:

And you can watch Maher going after Aiken last year here, also via HBO:

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