Maher Goes Off on Twitter Hate: Who Wastes Their Time Telling Cheesecake Factory to F*ck Off?

Bill Maher dedicated his final New Rule of the night to anonymous Twitter trolls who seemingly have nothing better to do than spewing racism and telling Cheesecake Factory to fuck off. Maher was spurred by the outpouring of unbelievably racist backlash to an Indian-American woman being crowned Miss America. He described the hatred as so overblown, so offensive, “you’d have thought that President Obama had just made a reasonable remark.”

Maher read off a serious of hateful, ignorant tweets, asking, “Where does Donald Trump get the time?” He couldn’t understand why Miss America, of all people, got such vitriol directed at her. Maher said, “She didn’t do anything truly evil, like give people health insurance.”

Maher then proceeded to read off some angry tweets directed at himself, Jonah Hill, and even Cheesecake Factory, before asking “Why has hate become the national pastime?” He ended with a mini-soliloquy on the idea of “two Americas,” replete, for some reason, with an observation on the new iPhone launch.

Watch the video below, via HBO:

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