Maher Mocks Hannity Over About-Face on Mueller Report: ‘Some Days You Just Can’t Win’


As he broke down the big Robert Mueller bombshell report Friday night, Bill Maher got in a few jabs at Sean Hannity.

Thursday night, after the New York Times report that President Trump wanted Mueller fired came out, Hannity dismissed it as a distraction and possible fake news. But when Fox News independently confirmed it, well… he had a slightly different reaction.

Or as Maher put it:

“Hannity, of course, since it’s bad for Trump, instinctively denies it. A few minutes later, they actually report ‘No, it’s confirmed.’ So Hannity throws right away to a high-speed chase. And after the car crashes, the suspect gets out and he’s white. Aw, damn, Sean, some days you just can’t win, huh, buddy?”

Watch above, via HBO.

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