Maher: Not a Coincidence That President Who Drives Tea Party Crazy Is Black

Bill Maher dropped by The View this morning, and one of the issues he touched on was tea party hatred of President Obama and how he believes it’s no coincidence that the man all these conservatives resent so much happens to be African-American…

Maher praised the job Obama’s done in office so far and said that he’s “had to deal with things that no other president has had to deal with.” And by that, he means the level of disrespect and racism being leveled at him by the tea party.

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Maher said, “I know the tea party hates hearing that but, you know, they’re racist because 99.999 percent of them is white and the president who drives them insane is black. It’s just a coincidence.”

He went on to argue Obama has faced a level of “in-your-face disrespect” (getting interrupted in a Fox News interview, getting heckled at the State of the Union) that presidents before him have not received.

Watch the video below, via ABC:

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