Maher on Baltimore: Police Cover Up Like the Catholic Church, Think They’re Infallible

Bill Maher tonight went off on the cops in response to Baltimore and how they’re like the Catholic Church because 1) they cover up the bad actors all the time, and 2) they think they’re “infallible” and the cops can do no wrong and people shouldn’t dare question their authority.

D.L. Hughley said it would have helped if the cops had treated Freddie Gray “like a human being.”

He and Dan Senor clashed a bit over the racial aspect of the race, with Senor pointing to Baltimore’s leadership and Hughley pointing to the entire country. Hughley also went off on Republicans for their silence on this issue, remarking that “you’ll never see ‘Black Lives Matter'” at Republican inventions.

Maher added that when Republicans keep highlighting the Baltimore mother who smacked her son, it doesn’t sound like genuine concern or praise, it sounds like they’re talking about “those people acting irresponsibly.”

Watch the video below, via HBO:

[image via screengrab]

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