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Maher Praises Trump: People Want Someone Who Won’t ‘Bend to the Bullshit’

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.12.21 PMBill Maher spoke on Real Time about how Donald Trump has managed to do well in Iowa despite the controversies and him being taken out of his element. Maher said that even though he doesn’t agree with Trump on many points, he “gets him” in terms of how the Republican electorate wants someone to lead without “bending to anyone’s bullshit.”

The panel went on to discuss how Trump’s national recognition is due to him being a greater magnet for attention than policy speeches, but Maher had to wonder whether that was truly a coincidence. Maher noted how Trump has been embraced by voters because “they’re so tired of politicians saying ‘if only we had a government as good as the people.’ They know they’re not good, they know they’re not bright, and they know that they don’t know anything.”

Jennifer Granholm continued with her position that Trump’s “pizazz” gave voters something to look for, saying that Trump has turned the Republican nomination into a giant production of Survivor, and he’s the villain of the season. The rest of the panel chimed in to say that the other candidates have been talking about the issues Trump has brought to the forefront, but that their thoughts receive less coverage because Trump is unavoidably more interesting than they are.

Maher addressed how Republicans have a tendency to frame certain issues in their favor, comparing the Obama-birtherism phenomenon to Ted Cruz‘s birth status, to which Douglass Heye responded that such positions inevitably cause harm to the GOP.

You can watch the segment here:

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