Bill Maher (Almost) Defends Rep. Trey Radel: He Didn’t ‘Shoot Up a Daycare Center’

Bill Maher addressed the issue of Florida Congressman Trey Radel on Friday night, and while he had no interest in saying anything positive about Radel or his drug hypocrisy, but he did defend Radel from the anti-drug crusaders coming out in full force, saying, “This guy didn’t shoot up a daycare center.” Maher blasted the simplistic idea that ingesting drugs automatically makes someone an addict, arguing that there are plenty of cocaine users who are able to function as normal members of society.

Maher also gave some credit to Rob Ford for calling out the hypocrites attacking him, and took a swipe at the media for devoting so much time to the Toronto mayor’s antics. Maher said, “It’s not like Toronto has loose nukes, it’s just ’cause he’s a fat guy who falls down a lot!”

When guest Katty Kay suggested Ford might be thinking a bit too much about himself and not enough about his constituents, Maher argued that no one has contended in this whole scandal that he didn’t do what people elected him to do, and that might be the more important lesson to take from this.

Watch the video below, via HBO:

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