Maher Mocks Media For Covering MH370 Instead of Searching For “Vanishing Middle Class”

Bill Maher ended his show Friday night with a New Rule telling the media looking for MH370 to maybe spend at least a fraction of that time “going on a search for America’s vanishing middle class.” He said the country is so full of discount chains and dollar stores that it can only end with “a homeless man handing out expired toothpaste for free.”

Maher said the wealth gap is so striking “you’re either buying Rembrandts or Chinese cosmetics made from dirt,” and tore into one Wal-mart owner for giving back to society with an art museum. Maher cried, “How about giving your employees a raise, you deluded nitwit?”

Maher also took on Duke porn star Belle Knox, arguing that “the Paul Ryans of the world” don’t understand how desperate people are to make money, and college tuition and student loans are so high these days, Maher said, “I’m surprised they’re not all doing porn!”

Watch the video below, via HBO:

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