Maher: Sterling’s an A**hole, But Quit with the ‘Self-Congratulation’

Bill Maher reacted to the Donald Sterling news last night with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. Maher started out by calling Sterling an “asshole” before saying he finds it “creepy” for anyone, even a racist like Sterling, to be recorded in their own home without their knowledge. He even went so far as to say that he’s more concerned about that kind of surveillance than what the NSA is up to.

Maher took shots at over-the-top liberal outrage in his tweet yesterday about Sterling and in his New Rule last Friday, in which Maher said plenty of people don’t like liberals because they can be obnoxious and way too PC. Hayes asked Maher if the Sterling outrage has ginned up a “liberal PC lynch mob.” Maher first made it clear the point of his New Rule was the Republicans, and lamented how everyone’s freaking out about Sterling at the expense of more important issues, before getting to the heart of the outrage problem.

Maher said the Sterling saga was an “opportunity for self-congratulation” where people could get up on their high horse and proudly proclaim that they’re one of the good guys standing up against the mean racist man. He said people love to make themselves feel better by “making people go away.”

Watch the video below (Maher pops in at the six-minute mark), via MSNBC:

[image via screengrab]

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