Maher Tackles Cruz’s 2016 Chances: GOP Always Been ‘Masters’ of ‘Are You Kidding Me’ Candidates

During Bill Maher‘s hour-long sit-down with Piers Morgan Tuesday night, they broached the subject of Ted Cruz. Maher admitted Cruz has a legitimate shot at winning the Republican primary in 2016 because for decades, he argued, the GOP have been masters of dredging up the “are you kidding me” candidates.

Maher has previously compared Cruz to Miley Cyrus, saying they’re both willing to piss off their bases a little for the greater good of promoting themselves. And Maher told Morgan Cruz has been very good at positioning himself as the tea party “hero.”

Maher also said that for decades, the Republican party has always managed to be the masters of the ‘are you kidding me’ candidate,” from Ronald Reagan to Sarah Palin to, eventually, Ted Cruz.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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