Maher: Trump Attacking the Media ‘Sounds Like He’s Not Condemning the Bomber’ But ‘Partnering With Him’


On Friday night, Bill Maher shared his thoughts about the bomb scares that targeted high-profile Democrats and CNN and how President Donald Trump handled it.

Maher began by accusing the president of “using a domestic terrorist attack to threaten the American media” and read the following tweet to the panel:

“That sounds like he’s not condemning the bomber, it sounds to me like he’s partnering with him,” Maher told the panel.

Anthony Scaramucci defended the media, pointing to his 11 days working in the White House and how he brought back cameras in the briefing room. He also argued that Trump’s ongoing feuds are preventing his favorability from being higher since the economy is in good shape.

But Maher showed no mercy for Trump.

“What he is asking for the media to do is not criticize him,” Maher said. “It all comes from this one trait of narcissism. This is a disease that we are not going to cure and as long as he has it, it’s not going to get better because the media’s job is to criticize him, especially now more than ever. So that’s going to keep going on and he’s going to keep interpreting that as ‘You’re being negative to me.'”

Watch the clips above, via HBO.

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