Maher Urges Dems to Forgive Al Franken Ahead of 2020: ‘We Need a Comedian’ to Defeat Trump


On Friday night, Bill Maher called for a restoration of former Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) in order to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020.

Last year, Franken was swept up in by the #MeToo movement after multiple women accused him of inappropriate touching in various photo ops and ultimately resigned from the Senate.

Maher believes Trump’s “kryptonite” is “ridicule.”

“The one thing that gets under his skin, besides red dye #2, is being made fun of,” Maher said. “Remember how he seethed when Obama made fun of him at the Correspondents Dinner? The hair on the back of his hair stood up, which was fascinating to watch since it’s been transplanted to the front of his head.”

“We need someone who should shred Trump like a standup takes down a heckler because Trump is a heckler. And to fight him, we need a comedian,” Maher insisted. “That is why tonight, after serious thought and consideration, I am officially announcing that I, Bill Maher… would be a great idea if Al Franken got back in the game!”

The Real Time host believed Franken is “good enough, smart enough, and dog gone it, people still like him” and mocked “purists” who would invoke the allegations made against him, saying America always “overreacts” and then has “buyers remorse.”

Maher then gave a full-throated defense of Franken, pointing out his first accuser Leeann Tweeden is friendly with folks like Sean Hannity and Donald Trump Jr. and that the infamous photo Franken took was only a joke and “no one died.” He also invoked Franken statement from when he resigned from Congress that he didn’t actually admit to any wrongdoing.

“I believe Al. I think that’s still my right as an American to say,” Maher told his audience. “Women should be heard always. And we should always keep in mind that vast majority of women reporting serious abuse are truthful. But women didn’t also lose the ability to lie in 2017.”

He noted the seven other accusers who said Franken grabbed them and singled out two of them for “being ridiculous.”

“Are Democrats really going to permanently send away one of our ablest warriors for being a waist grabber?” Maher asked. “He didn’t drive her off a bridge and leave her drown. Can we get some perspective? Does every infraction, no matter how small, have to be rehashed for an entire lifetime? That’s not politics, that’s marriage.”

Maher added that “being touchy feely” is “part of the job” as a politician.

“Have you ever met Joe Biden? It’s like meeting a great dane who smells bacon on your clothes,” he joked. “Some guys just aren’t good at hugs.”

“We could have Me Too and Al Franken. They’re not mutually exclusive,” Maher argued. “It’s time to get Al off the bench so he can come back and do what he does better than any other Democrat: taking down rightwing blowhards. I want to see Al Franken debate Donald Trump. And by the way, so do you.”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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