Major Garrett Couldn’t Be Happier That He And Glenn Beck ‘Were In Different Worlds’

Now that Glenn Beck‘s days at Fox News now appear to be officially numbered, lots of individuals now seem willing to more freely share their opinions about the man. Take for example former Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett, who took time to discuss his own relationship with Beck (or lack of therein) while appearing with Don Imus today, and did not demur in his take. Garrett said “Glenn Beck was not in my world, I was not in his….couldn’t have been happier with that truth.”

Garrett’s comments came in the context of the infamous “wall” that separates Fox News opinion media personalities and the hard news team, the latter of which he was a respected member, but Imus heard his comments as a dig, saying “that’s hurtful” in the midst of Garrett’s comments. Imus has been a big fan of Beck’s and muttered something about “not the way he wanted to see this end,” before Garrett reminded his host that Beck’s “transitioning” out of TV is about as good as it gets.

Watch the clip, courtesy of Fox Business Network (H/T Johnny Dollar):

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