Malkin and Hannity Skewer Obama’s ‘Incoherence,’ ‘Rank Stinking Hypocrisy’ on Syria

Sean Hannity took special note of President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State John Kerry all opposing unilateral executive action for non-imminent military threats without the approval of Congress… under the Bush administration. But now that Obama is considering taking such action in Syria, Hannity and Michelle Malkin couldn’t help but notice a little hypocrisy at work here.

Malkin slammed their “arbitrariness, incoherence, and of course, rank stinking hypocrisy” for raising cain when it was Bush in charge, but now that it’s Obama’s unilateral intervention, no one appears to care. Hannity added that Syrian intervention isn’t even in America’s long-term interests, declaring, “There is no upside!”

Malkin said that instead of answering the public’s questions, Obama is being “flippant and arrogant and contemptuous” over the idea of accountability, describing him, Biden, and Kerry as “feckless” and “ruthless” politicians. She also pointed out that intervention may actually help anti-American terrorists, and expressed hopt that “principled anti-war leftists” will lead the backlash to any military action.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:


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