Malkin Blasts Democratic ‘Hypocrisy’ On Fox: Where’s The Outrage Over Their Donors’ ‘Tax Avoidance’?

Malkin Blasts Dems 'Hypocrisy': Where's The Outrage Over Their 'Tax Avoidance'?

On her show on Friday, Megyn Kelly aired her interview with Michelle Malkin, who argued that while Democrats may be the paying-your-fair-share party, their wealthy donors are pay less through “tax avoidance” strategies. Decrying “phenomenal hypocrisy,” Malkin questioned the selective outrage.

For starters, she looked at Google, noting that many of the company’s executives are President Obama supporters — yet the company “revealed in a filing from a Netherlands subsidiary that they have $10 billion that will be protected from taxes, corporate taxes, and tax hikes because of the the shelter that they’ve set up in Bermuda.” During the campaign cycle, however, Malkin said, Democrats made a big debacle out of offshore tax havens.

Malkin also pointed the finger at the Washington Post, deeming them the “privileged elites who publish editorials in favor of Obama’s tax increases.” But they “took out a year-end dividend payment upwards of $70 million that they’ll give to their investors to avoid all of these higher tax increases that are now hitting everybody else in the pocket book this year.”

And then, she said, there’s Warren Buffett‘s Berkshire Hathaway, George Lucas, and Dr. Dre (among others).

Calling out the “phenomenal hypocrisy,” Malkin said there’s nothing illegal about it — but “selectivity with which they show outrage when certain corporations engage in these tax avoidance strategies, versus others, — it’s very telling.”

Take a look, via Fox News:

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