Malkin Fights Juan Williams on Hannity Over Syria: ‘Rodeo Clown’ Obama Completely ‘Incompetent’

Michelle Malkin got into a shouting match with Juan Williams on Sean Hannity‘s show over Syria and President Obama‘s handling of the situation. Williams was astounded at the sudden isolationist turn both Hannity and Malkin have taken, while Malkin slammed Obama as an “incompetent” “rodeo clown.”

Hannity confronted Williams about the supposedly moderate rebel forces in Syria. Malkin drew attention to the people being attacked by the rebels, while Williams argued it’s hard to control who people will elect when you get involved in their affairs. Hannity cried, “Then stay out of it!” Williams asked, “You’re an isolationist all of a sudden?”

Malkin shot back, “It’s called patriotism.” She said that beyond the “moral muddle” of helping enemies of America, the majority of Americans doubt that the “rodeo clown in the White House” know “what the hell they’re doing,” calling the Obama team “incompetent.” Williams told Malkin, “Because of your hatred of Obama, you’re turning your back on America!”

Williams touted how America’s military might should be enough to do damage, and suggested Malkin would have been railing against the Boston Tea Party if she were alive back then. Hannity and Malkin continued tag-teaming Williams, and when Hannity asked Williams about bombing Iran, Williams laughingly said, “Now the real Hannity hawk comes out!”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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