Malkin Reacts To Priorities USA Ad: ‘Real Murderers’ Are The Job Killers In The White House

Michelle Malkin made her weekly appearance to Fox & Friends Thursday, where she discussed the controversial Priorities USA ad wherein a man claims his wife died in connection to Romney’s influence at Bain.

The who’s hosts played a clip of the man from the ad sharing, on a campaign conference call, that “after we lost our jobs, we found out we were going to lose our health insurance and that our pensions hadn’t been funded like Bain promised they would be. I was lucky to find another job as a custodian in a local school district. They gave me some health insurance, but i couldn’t afford to buy it for my wife’s, although a while later she was diagnosed with lung cancer.” Obama campaign aide Stephanie Cutter is then heard saying, “Thank you, Joe. We appreciate you and David sharing your experiences.”

“That’s kind of specific for somebody who says she doesn’t know the story,” host Brian Kilmeade pointed out. “She was hosting the conference call.”

“Yeah. ‘Thank you, Joe.’ Pants are on fire, skirts are on fire. Hair is on fire at the White House,” Malkin responded. “This is a straight up lie. I’d like to see the Romney campaign really hammer away at this, and they really should be on fire themselves at team Romney over how they’ve been slandered and libeled and caught in a blatant lie here by the Obama administration. It is. And I think they should repeat it loudly and instead, unfortunately, and of course, this has been the buzz on the right, we’ve got Romney campaign staffers talking about Romneycare instead. Hello? This is totally totally blown up in their faces and it’s time to nail the administration and the campaign for what is obviously clear illegal coordination.”

She believes that the Romney campaign really needs to hit back — hard — at the greater narrative that Republicans are somehow heartless “murderers.” That said, she emphasized that the man in the ad isn’t to blame, as he’s simply a tool being used by Obama re-election efforts. Plus, she added, there’s nothing “dirty” or “low” about responding to attacks, nor is it a task that should be left to surrogates.

The real murderers here (figuratively speaking), she said , are within the Obama administration, for all the jobs they’ve “killed.”

Watch, via Fox News:

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