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Man Describes Getting Struck By ‘Flaming Lava Bomb’ on CNN: It ‘Snapped My Leg In Half’

There are heroes, there are legends, and then there’s lava bomb survivor Darryl Clinton.

Clinton was hit by a flaming ball of literal lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea (of Golfers Not Caring fame) Saturday and lived to tell the tale to Anderson Cooper – in surprisingly pedestrian fashion.

“I was actually in the house and the bombs had waned to a point where they were almost nonexistent at this point on Saturday morning,” Clinton, who was helping look after homes in the area, explained.

“I got a phone call and so I wasn’t being as attentive as I should’ve been,” he continued. “I was looking at the phone and I looked down and it was in a millisecond I saw the cantaloupe, soccer ball-sized lava bomb hit my leg.”

“It hit and it set me on fire and it basically snapped my leg in half about right above the ankle,” Clinton said as if he were discussing the weather.

“And so my foot and my ankle were hanging by basically the back of my flesh,” he went on. “Maybe my Achilles’ was still there? But all that other stuff was severed so I had to … hold my shoe up and my leg up vertical and just kinda keep my bottom part of my leg attached to the top.”

“It looked so hideous. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen happen to me in my life,” he added.

Perhaps it’s best if I don’t give more quotes and just let you hear from the man himself. Frankly, my stomach is turning just listening to the audio again – and I’m the kind of person who watches YouTube videos of people popping zits.

Watch above, via CNN.

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