Man Hangs From Speeding Car: Not Sure What’s Happening Here, But Wow, It’s Good Video

A photographer for KXTV-TV in California was going through the relatively routine matters of setting up for a liveshot, when he sees a bright red car speeding by–with a man hanging off the side. The quick-thinking photog jumped into action and got it on tape. And while the exact reasons behind the man’s road surfing incident remain somewhat vague (he was either trying recover a purse–his or a friend’s–from the car, which may have been stolen–or perhaps not–and which may have been his, or possibly not), the video is quite entertaining.

As American Morning showed the clip on CNN this morning, this one works with or without audio. Just watch the guy flying down the street and remember…he’s hanging off the passenger side window and somehow managing not to get himself killed. And if experience serves, finding out the real story here may just take some of the fun out of it, so why bother? One small nugget, though: this is a good argument for not wearing flip-flops. Just in case you need to pursue a speeding car that may or may not have a friend’s purse inside.

Enjoy, from CNN:

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