Man Who Raised Over $250,000 For Harassed Bus Monitor Says He Was Inspired By His Own Bullying

Thursday, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin spoke with Max Sidorov, the man behind the overwhelmingly successful campaign to raise money for Karen Klein, the bus monitor viciously insulted by a group of middle schoolers (or “little snots,” as is sometimes the preferred term).

So far, Sidorov’s online campaign has raised over $250,000 for Klein with the hopes that she’ll use it to treat herself to a nice vacation.

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Sidorov said he felt sad for Klein and felt the need to offer her support (in the form of getting her away from those kids, at least temporarily), partially due to his own experience with bullies. Klein’s sister was so moved by his efforts, in fact, that she reached out to Sidorov. And, for the record, Klein has yet to decide where to go on vacation.

Have a look, via CNN:

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