Manly Man Nick Offerman Gives Dramatic Readings Of The Tweets Of ‘Young Female Celebrities’ On Conan

The trick to the perfect late night talk show bit is its simplicity. These things fly by quickly and a half-asleep or fully-inebriated audience needs to be able to understand it and why it’s funny almost instantaneously. That’s why whoever created the Conan segment “Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation Reads Tweets from Young Female Celebrities” deserves some kind of special Emmy. When the segment first premiered a few months ago, I wrote that it “needs to be a recurring segment like yesterday.” Well, I guess today is yesterday (gosh, I hope no one fully inebriated is reading this now and trying to understand that sentence) because it’s returned and it’s just as awesome.

The only thing that could make this more fun would be if he was actually building the same thing in each bit. I hope that, by the time we’re on like the eighth of these (we’ll need an entirely new batch of young female celebrities by then!), Offerman’s got half a log cabin done.

Watch the video from TBS below:

(h/t Splitsider)

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