Mar-a-Lago Intruder From China Reportedly Possessed an Insane Number of Spy-Level Gadgets

Reporters covering the bail hearing for the Chinese woman accused of illicitly entering Mar-a-Lago say that a number of suspicious devices and possessions were discovered in her hotel room.

Yujing Zhang drew the attention of federal investigators last week when she was charged with making false statements to the Secret Service in order to enter President Donald Trump‘s private club in Florida. At the time, it was reported that Zhang was carrying multiple passports and a thumb drive with malware in it when she was caught.

According to CNN, when Zhang appeared in court on Monday for a detention hearing, prosecutors said they searched her room and found over $7,500, more passports, multiple credit cards, five SIM cards, a number of cell phones, nine USB drives and a signal detector capable of identifying hidden cameras. Prosecutors also made their argument that Zhang has no ties to the U.S. and should be considered a flight risk.

While Zhang has not been formally charged on this yet, her repeated lies to investigators and her shady assortment of gadgets have raised questions about whether she’s involved in international espionage. Trump has dismissed concerns surrounding the incident by calling it “a fluke situation.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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