Marc Thiessen on Fox News Says No Coincidence Trump Subpoena Came Same Day as Inflation Report: ‘It’s Political Manipulation’


After the Jan. 6 House Select Committee voted Thursday to subpoena ex-president Donald Trump, Fox anchor Martha MacCallum spoke with a panel that included National Review’s Andy McCarthy, Washington Examiner’s Byron York, and AEI’s Marc Thiessen, and the general consensus was that the subpoena is more for show than anything and likely won’t result in Trump actually testifying.

McCarthy observed that Trump will probably tell the committee to “pound sand” and that could result in some time in court on the issue, and pointed out that the Justice Department “couldn’t care less” about the committee’s recommendations with regard to prosecution.

York spoke about the fact that the committee has retained a former ABC executive to “produce” the hearings before saying the subpoena is “entirely theatrical” and being done only for the sake of the midterm election.

“And by the way, they’ve had a year in which they could’ve done this,” he noted.

Thiessen expanded a good deal on that point about the timing of the subpoena — a subject later echoed by Trump on Truth Social.

Thiessen began by noting his own dismay at and rejection of the events that took place on January 6, pointing out he spent years working in the Senate.

“It was a privilege to walk out on the Senate floor. And every time I see a video like what we saw today, my blood boils,” he said. “But then as I watched that video today, I had this distinct feeling that I was be– My emotions were being manipulated. That I was being churned up to get angry about this all over again.

“And I think that’s the purpose of what this hearing was. As you said, if they were going to if they were going to indict, if they were going to subpoena Trump, they could have done it a year ago, if they were, really wanted to do this. It felt like political theater,” he said.

Thiessen was not quite done on the subject of timing, and tied it to the latest inflation numbers coming out on Thursday.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they scheduled this, rescheduled this hearing for the day that the inflation numbers came out because, you know, we just found out that that the record inflation continues, and we got numbers on the consumer price index, and they want everybody to be talking about January 6 instead of that,” said Thiessen. “So I just feel like it’s not just political theater. It’s political manipulation.”

Thiessen went on to say that he doesn’t think this will get Democrats a win in November, but that if they did win, “they would get rid of the filibuster, they would pack the Supreme Court, they would pack the Senate by adding the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states, they would pass their radical agenda with just 50 votes.”

“We’re two votes away from one-party state in this country,” said Thiessen. “And they’re desperately trying to stop the, to prevent the Republicans from stopping that.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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