Marco Rubio Has Already Had The Perfect Vice President Moment: Loses Last Page Of Speech

Sen. Marco Rubio has been one of the biggest names in the discussion to figure out who will be the Republican nominee for Vice President. As such, quite a few eyes were fixed on the Brookings Institution in Washington when it was announced that Rubio would be giving a “major speech” on foreign policy. And people were not disappointed as Rubio showed his aptitude for the job by having a perfect Vice President Moment™. You know the kind. Those silly little gaffes veeps always seem to have whether their spelling vegetable names or describing how “big” and “f’ing deal” something is. For Rubio, the moment came when he got to the last page of his speech and realized…he didn’t have it.

But Rubio fans shouldn’t fear. The Senator pulled the potentially awkward moment off with aplomb. Fortunately, he appears to have some quick moving aides as someone rushed a new copy up to the stage as soon as possible. As much as the Twitter wonks rushed to make teleprompter jokes, this was no Jeanine Pirro moment. Rubio flashed the audience an embarrassed smile and started up again quickly.

So, Rubio can handle public embarrassment well. If there’s a better test for the position of Vice President, I don’t know what it would be.

Watch the moment from C-SPAN3 below:

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