Marco Rubio Slams Trump’s White House Leakers as ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Duplicitous’ to America


Sen. Marco Rubio slammed anonymous White House employees responsible for the latest leaks surrounding President Donald Trump’s phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Manu Raju.

According to those leaks, first published in the Washington Post on Tuesday, Trump congratulated Putin on his recent election victory, despite being explicitly instructed not to offer praise for the win in briefing materials put together by national security advisers.

Rubio joined Republicans, Democrats, and national security experts alike in expressing his disapproval over the president congratulating Putin on the victory, which was largely seen as a false election with a rigged outcome meant to secure the Russian president’s power for another six years. But for the Florida senator — who ran against Trump in the Republican primaries during the 2016 election — the leakers were more concerning than the actual substance of the conversation between both leaders.

“No I don’t like that he did it, but you know what I like even less is that there’s close someone to him that’s leaking this stuff out,” Rubio said Wednesday morning. “If you don’t like the guy, quit. But to be this duplicitous and continue to leak things out, it dangerous.”

Trump has repeatedly condemned the leaks from inside his White House, describing the reports as “fake news” designed to undermine his presidency.

“If you don’t like working for the president, you should resign from your job,” he added.

Watch a clip of the interview via CNN above.

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