Maria Bartiromo Challenges Giuliani’s Soros, Hillary and Ukraine Theory: ‘Where Are the Indictments!?’


Rudy Giuliani appeared with Maria Bartiromo Monday morning, giving the first interview since the Biden campaign publicly requested all cable news outlets to no longer book the personal attorney to President Donald Trump.

Giuliani predictably wore the attempted media banishment as a badge of courage, before providing more of the same questionably sourced theories of how former Vice President Joe Biden conspired to benefit his son Hunter Biden in his dealings with Ukraine.

It was much of the same Giuliani that cable news viewers have seen over the past week, however, what probably stuck out for most cable news viewers was Bartiromo’s reaction to Giuliani’s allegations into what can be roughly summarized as the “deep state” effort to undermine the election and administration of Trump.

The Fox Business anchor asked Giuliani to “connect the dots,” asking “why was the early contents of the Steele dossier, which we know Hillary Clinton paid for, that started in Ukraine?”

Giuliani explained how he was “investigating allegations that go back to November of last year, before Biden was even a candidate, of massive corruption that interfered with the information that I could have used to ward off the entire Mueller probe.” He then added, “when we get that information, plus a little bit more, I think we’re going to be pretty close to showing that this was an entire frame-up in which four or five governments were involved and somebody in Obama-land was orchestrating it.”

Bartiromo then showed some frustration asking “where are the indictments?!” She added “When will we see Bill Barr come out and explain how Donald Trump was framed and what about John Durham’s investigation? How come this is taking so long?”

Giuliani demurred in his answer, saying “I have to be very discreet about this, but when my fellow Republicans criticize my doing this investigation, who was doing it if I didn’t do it?”  He then curiously appeared to criticize the U.S. Senate’s lack of action saying “we have a Senate. They’ve known this corruption by Biden.”

Bartiromo asked again “where is the deep dive?” to which Giuliani said “I love Lindsey. I can’t help but think the fact that he’s an ex-senator — look, the facts have been out there since 2015.”

Watch above via FBN.

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