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Maria Bartiromo Lashes Out at Guest Over Bernie’s Tax Proposal: ‘Who is Not Paying Their Fair Share!?’

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo lashed out at Fox News contributor Richard Fowler this morning after he defended Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders‘ tax plan and suggested the wealthy in America should be required to pay more in taxes.

“I think what [Sanders is] saying is everyone should pay their fair share,” Fowler argued.

“Who’s not paying their fair share?!” erupted Bartiromo after the guest’s remark. “Just tell me who’s not paying! This is such a talking point that bothers me!”

“The top 10 percent pay 70 percent of taxes,” she added, to which he said he’s referring to “folks who don’t pay their fair share,” like those earn their income from capital gains.

Bartiromo claimed Fowler is putting “apples together with oranges” by tying income to capital gains and defended capital gains as a good way “to encourage people to invest for the long term.” The host also called out Fowler for suggesting the ultra-rich “level the playing field” by paying more in taxes.

“It is level, that’s another talking point, and you’re confusing it,” Bartiromo shot back. “Warren Buffett, when he talks that he has to pay less in taxes than his secretary, it’s two different things.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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