Maria Bartiromo Demands Democratic Congressman Provide Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion in Heated Clash


On Sunday morning, Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo invited Democratic Congressman Jim Himes on her show.

When Himes didn’t give the answers Bartiromo wanted, however, things quickly spiraled out of control.

It started pleasantly enough with Bartiromo thanking the Congressman for his time.

It did not last long.

Early on Bartiromo tried to grill Himes on his role on the Intel Committee.

“Let me move on to your role on the Intel Committee, sir, because we covered this a lot for the last year and a half, and we know that there was real FISA abuse, where the FBI did not tell the FISA judge who paid for the dossier that it was a political document et cetera,” Bartiromo said. “Are you going to pursue that? Are you going to seek the truth there?”

“Maria that’s not accurate and I’ve looked at every single one of the FISA affidavits,” Himes replied, noting he understood it was a GOP talking point.

Then, at another point, she claimed she had a report claiming Congress has hard evidence of collusion.

“Let me ask you something congressman because I’ve got this report here that you and your colleagues have said that you have hard evidence of collusion between the president and the Russians. Are you going to tell us what that hard evidence is?”

Himes said he did not know of such report and has not seen it.

Things really devolved, though, after Bartiromo asked Himes about the circumstantial evidence that suggests Trump-Russia collusion.

“You have said the committee has said you have more than circumstantial evidence of collusion. Where is that evidence?” Bartiromo demanded, raising her voice.

“Circumstantial? There’s far better than circumstantial evidence of collusion,” Himes attempted to explain. “We have the president’s son inviting Russians to Trump Tower and asking them for help in the election, we have the president himself saying Russia please find these e-mails, we have four or five senior Trump administration and campaign officials who are going to jail for lying about their contacts with Russia, and we learned in the last 48 hours, of course, that the FBI was concerned that the president might have actually been working for the Russians.”

At that point, Bartiromo turned to shouting to hammer her point.

The congressman kept attempting to answer her questions. He then let out a laugh when Bartiromo closed the interview by encouraging him to come back again.

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