Marie Yovanovitch Pushes Back Against Claim that Ukrainians Were ‘Out to Get’ Trump in 2016: ‘There Weren’t’

Marie Yovanovitch pushed back against the Republican counsel questioning her about Ukrainian opposition to President Donald Trump, saying it wasn’t brought up while she worked at the embassy.

“In your deposition, you acknowledged that the president has longstanding concerns about corruption in Ukraine. Is that true?” counsel Steve Castor asked.

“That’s what he says,” Yovanovitch replied. “He said a friend told him Ukraine was the most corrupt country in the world.”

Castor then asked about testimony suggesting “the president has concerns that there are certain elements of the Ukrainian establishment in 2016 were out to get him. Is that something you were aware of at any point in time?”

Yovanovitch said she is aware of it now but it was not brought to her attention while she was in the Trump administration.

“Was there discussion at the embassy that there was indication of Ukrainians trying to advocate against then-candidate Trump?” Castor asked.

“Actually, there weren’t,” Yovanovitch testified. “We didn’t really see it that way.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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